Empowering Christian Ministries
& Individuals to Reach Out in Love
to those impacted by Abortion.

No Matter Your Role, We’re Here to Help.

1 in 4 women experience abortion by the age 45, we are everywhere. That’s why we’re passionate about reaching women in churches across the country with a message of grace and mercy.

Christ Came to Heal & Restore Broken People to Wholeness, We Needed Him Too.

Meet Kay.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I am a daughter and sister.  I am a neighbor, friend and co-worker.  I am a nurse.  I am a Christian.  And I had an abortion.

After many years of confusion, guilt, shame and regret God brought me to a new place of freedom and faith. He restored me. He saved me. He called me to extend those same amazing gifts to others like me.

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Dear Pastor

An open letter to pastors, priests and ministry leaders on how to support, love, and serve post-abortive women. Post-abortive women have the opportunity to sign the letter.

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The Clinical Impact of Reproductive Choice Conference

This one-day conference will educate and inspire doctors, nurses, counselors, as well as, all medical professionals to confidently and effectively address difficult situations with clients. 

Throughout the day you will hear from experts in the fields of medicine, mental health and research who can provide the information we need to compassionately care for clients struggling with reproductive choices – past, present and future.

Friday, April 21st, 2023 at Holiday Inn in Fargo, ND
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Hear from Experts:

Christina Francis, MD
Robin Atkins, LMHC
Kim Ketola, Chaplain
Priscilla Coleman, PHD

Hear the Eternal Impact of Hope Restored.

"A friend invited me to follow We Are Everywhere’s page a few years before I realized I was going to need healing from my past decision to have an abortion. I was a silent follower for a few years and was encouraged by the resources and blog posts I would see from time to time. After I gave birth to my second child, I knew I couldn’t wait to find hope and healing any longer. Because of that invitation to follow We Are Everywhere, I was able to get connected with a local post-abortion Bible study and for the first time in my life, I truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to have had We Are Everywhere as a resource in a world that tries to silence the voices of hurting post-abortive women."
- Brittany
We Are Everywhere is a beautiful, loving ministry reminding us all that our church leaders and church family have the power to reach a post-abortive woman in the pews with the right tools, words, and education – but most of all with the love of Christ.
- Great Falls (MT) Catholics for Life
Kay spoke to Middle School and High School students at Community Christian School. Her message of love, truth and grace was so evident and important for our students to hear. She presented a biblical perspective of Christ’s love and forgiveness when a person makes a life choice that isn’t in line with God’s plan or design for a healthy relationship. Kay’s clear message of advocating for the life of the unborn child and the mother brought understanding in her message. She is thoughtful to her audience and the students were engaged in the discussion. Kay is a blessing and she is welcome to return to our school anytime!
- Community Christian School in Willmar, MN

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There are women sitting in church across our country who are hiding the fearful secret of past abortion. Partnering with We Are Everywhere allows us to expand awareness to the fear, shame, and regret that abortion causes women - particularly women in the church - and to help those women find healing and wholeness in Christ.
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