Part 2: January Church Challenge - Speak the Words

Kay Kiefer
January 16, 2019

Church leaders – we urge you to speak specific (you have to say the word ‘abortion’) words of grace and forgiveness directed toward women who have had abortions in church on Sundays, at women’s ministry events and during campus ministry meetings throughout the year – and not just in January for Sanctity of Human Life Month.

When this topic is not mentioned in ministry settings, individuals affected by it may subconsciously start to believe it is too big and too bad to be talked about. But, a spiritual leader in the church or ministry – pastor, priest, deacon, etc – who brings abortion to the attention of those in attendance and devotes a portion of the message to sharing assurance of God’s forgiveness and redemption for post-abortive women – that makes a difference.

Women’s luncheons, Bible studies, retreat weekends and conferences are ideal venues for this message to be shared. Abortion need not be the focus of the event. In fact, we recommend that it not be the sole focus. 15-20 minutes can provide the time needed to broach the topic, share the potential negative impacts and encourage those affected to reach out for help. You may want to invite a post-abortive woman to share a bit of her own story – including her journey of healing which redeemed her brokenness.

It is simply not enough to mention this one time each year. Think of the statistics in your own church. Of those who identify as ‘regular attenders’, how many Sundays a month do they actually attend? If you only mention abortion during one Sunday a year, there are dozens of women who will miss that message.

We Are Everywhere was founded from the voices of post-abortive women coming together to tell the church that there is a need for this message. Click here to read this unified voice in “An open letter to pastors, priests and ministry leaders”.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 3 of this January Church Challenge.

Until then,